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Intermission taps into the classic idea of a movie intermission and concessions stand. Intermission serves up single player quick coin fun has a great retro movie theater theme that will grab everyone’s attention. This fun game is a rolldown style redemption piece that challenges players to have perfect timing to get the big-ticket bonus. At the back of the machine is a vertically moving ticker with different values and coin holes in it. Time your coin rolls to get the best value possible or win mercy tickets.


check-mark Quick coin rolldown game
check-mark Retro movie theatre themed
check-mark 3D Molded concession stand pieces for extra appeal
check-mark Single player setup with single, centralized coin slot
check-mark Green numerical LED displays for tickets won and bonus


Призовые аппараты


  • Depth: 48″
  • Width: 28″
  • Height: 72″
  • Weight: 395lbs
  • 122cm
  • 71cm
  • 183cm
  • 179kg